Titles of Sultana Film 1966

It was really long time since I posted here! So, right now, we are living the Corona Covid-19 virus era, where all of the earth has been affected and all countries have took many safety measures to fight that epidemic.

Everyone at home either working or wasting time, for me I was handling a research and it lead me to a surprisingly beautiful result!

A trailer on youtube for an old Syrian film starring Samira Tewfik in 1966, I have got the pamphlet already at my personal archive, take a look on the trailer printed pamphlet first:

I think this represent the film’s poster
Inner page have lyrics of the songs and some footage of the film.

I’ve tried a lot to find the film to watch it, but never could do that, it wasn’t available as per my search. Until the moment of researching again I’ve found the trailer of it! Which is great, since i’m very interested to see the titles of the film and how they were made.

The long awaited material!

As expected, the titles had blew my mind! Look at the main one:

Amazing style at the intro!
Another design for the end!
That one is SUPER NUT!!

The film was beautifully made, I still wish to see the full film some day!

Finally, those amazing titles were designed by the Syrian Calligrapher Fawzi Al-Tawwam.