Salam! This is where I share my views and thoughts, I’m interested in documenting and talking about the Arabic visual culture, design, calligraphy art, and the hidden aesthetics that we should learn from!
I’m Hussein Alazaat, a multi-disciplinary Designer, and Calligraphy Artist from Amman, Jordan. Father of Three. Founder of elharf.com and alazaat.comمرحباً بكم، أنا حسين الأزعط – مصمم وحروفيّ عربي من الأردن.

Photo: Qasem Taqali



  1. الرجاء الاتصال للضرورة والمتابعة والمشاركة – بخصوص الامات – غازي خطاب

  2. شكرا محمد، تكلمت مع الاخ غازي ولكنه على مايبدو مشغول جدا 🙂 على كل أنا أعلم أن لديكم مخزون من الآرمات القديمة، وبصراحة انتظر حتى تأتي الفرصة المناسبة كي أزوركم وأشاهد المجموعة.
    هذا رقم جوّالي:

  3. Dear Sir,
    I’m Olivier, from the blog UnofficialRotring and I think you can help me. Rotring has produced 5 stencils / templates specially designed for Arabic characters (they also did some for Russian characters). They are really beautiful and I’d love to have them. As you can imagine they are totally impossible to find in Europe and I’m searching for them for years. May be you’ve heard about this template and can help me find them. I can send you a picture of the Rotring catalog which feature the template, but I cannot send an image in the wordpress comments (I need an e-mail address). So please tell me if you can be of any help, and of course, I’m not forgetting to say that Alazaat views is a very very good blog and quite refreshing from a European graphic designer like me… So much beautiful and amazing calligraphy works !! Keep up the good job. Best regards. Olivier

  4. Hi Olivier, I remember seeing them in Damascus 10 years ago, I’m not sure if I could find them here in Amman.. but I’ll look for them again for sure.. Please send whatever pictures you have to my email: me@alazaat.com and many thanks for being interested in my blog 🙂

  5. Dear Brother,
    I am much too delighted to visit this site,its really amazing, brilliant collections of the ages,a paradise of the ancient relics and works of art.Excellent work by Hussein Alazaat to serve or please the humans is a way to attain the love of Allah subhana talah.
    Hussein Alazaat is a competent designer and a generous person, who feels happy to help.

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