Square Kufic Workshop

My new workshop will start this Saturday, sign up now if you are obsessed with the divine aesthetics of Arabic Calligraphy and the Square Kufic mystical abstraction!

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بلال، صديق عزيز، ولا يحبّ فيروز ولا أغانيها! لا أريد أن أعرف السبب، ولا أتوقع منكم الرغبة في ذلك أيضاً! ولأن أمر بلال يهمني، فلقد التمست له عذراً، وهو أنه ربما لم يستمع إلى فيروز من قبل! فكان لزاماً عليّ أن أعرفه بها في لائحتي للـ 21 أغنية الأقرب لي، في تاريخ ميلادها، الذي يصادف اليوم 21 تشرين ثاني / نوفمبر. والذي شاءت الإرادة الإلهية أن يكون في نفس يوم ميلادي!

سيدة فيروز: كل عام وأنتِ وأنا بخير.

1.  وينن – 1972 – مسرحية ناطورة المفاتيح – كلمات وألحان الأخوين رحباني:


2. أحب دمشق  – كلمات سعيد عقل:


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El-Harf Tour

I’ve guided the design and crafts tour during the 2nd edition of Amman Design Week, the title of the tour was named after my new established studio: El-Harf, which will be the home of calligraphy and Arabic visual arts.

The tour started from Calligrapher Shehadeh Haroun’s shop, to meet him and learn from his experience in silkscreen printing, Haroun still using the old-school methods that he acquired from the sign painters of Damascus once he was there 50 years ago! I’ve collaborated with Haroun to produce the English lettering of Amman Design Week, and to demonstrate the essential skills and give some funny tips for the tour members.


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Mamdouh Al-Sharif ممدوح الشريف

Mamdouh Al-Sharif, Damascus, Syria, 1885 – 1934.

An Arabic calligraphy artist from Syria, a pioneer in many calligraphic forms, and a revival of the Kufi scripts in the Levant. He practiced and taught calligraphy in his studio in Damascus, and produced significant artworks in Syria and the Arab world.

Today, I’m sharing with you a selected works of Mamdouh Al-Sharif in the Kufi scripts which I believe he exceeded at and added a new Arabian touch to the art of calligraphy whilst the Ottomans were controlling and limiting the Arab people’s life and even their Art back then!

The sources of these works are from my archive and from the internet.


ومن جرّب المجرب حلت به الندامة، من صدق غنم
Mamdouh has experimented in many styles, I’m starting with this minimal one,  he played with the Square Kufi blocks to create an avant-garde piece. 


A masthead/logo for a cultural magazine that was published in Damascus. We see the courage usage of Kufi as a typographic line. 

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Dr. Fathi Gooda

A true creative from Egypt, an Arab pioneer in Typography and Lettering arts, he is the one behind designing the contemporary font of Cairo road and transportation signage in the early 80’s! Which makes Cairo the first Arab city that owns a custom font for its streets.

You can learn more about Dr. Fathi by reading this rare article from 1982 that I’ve dug from the Jordanian Architect Bilal Hammad’s archive in 2013. (Arabic)

Dr. Fathi (In Arabic د. فتحي جودة) was born in 1935, and still until the moment working as a design professor in the faculty of applied arts in the Helwan University.


My first encounter with the font when I saw it in Cairo metro stations, 2011.

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